Last updated May 4, 2020

Fundamentals of Cyber Security

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Fundamentals of Cyber Security


Introduction to Cyber Security is a free online course which will help you to understand online security and learn how to recognize the threats that could harm you online and the steps that you can take to protect your data and keep it safe and secure.

The purpose of this course is to give you a glimpse of the fascinating world of Cyber security. You will learn the basic fundamentals of Cyber security and answers to questions like What, Why and How. If you are absolutely new to the Cyber security domain, this will be a perfect simple guide to get you started.


  • Introduction

    Introduction to careers in Cyber Security


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A cyber-security pundit with 18 years of experience in shaping the most robust security products and solutions. Previously working at R&D Teams of Check Point, Nokia, and Wipro, he is currently spear-heading the R&D, Training and Talent Management divisions of QOS Technology. He is also an avid promoter of cyber-security platformization with open-source tools and global security intelligence.